Rosemary focaccia bread, 09.04.11

I got into a long conversation with someone the other night about the psychology of baked goods — what it says when someone prefers corner pieces, for example, or one’s willingness to share being a barometer somehow. Let alone what might it say about me that after a long week (or month, let’s be honest), 1) all I want to do is bake something and 2) I pick something that takes two days, includes ingredients I don’t have, and is big enough for twenty. Really, I was just getting sick of citrus burning my hands and (broken record) it’s still too hot for something rich, so here you have it. It’s as simple as it gets: rosemary and a touch of white truffle sea salt on a perfectly spongy bread.

And hey, there’s finally something with yeast, so my blog name makes sense!

From Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice

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